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HPFi® to Discontinue Vision and Vitality Products

As of December 1, 2022 HPFi (High Point Furniture Industries, Inc.) will no longer accept new orders for the Vision Collection and Vitality casegoods and tables. Continuing difficulty in procuring dedicated materials along with declining volume have brought us to this decision. HPFi will continue to manufacture these product lines as materials remain available.

Discontinuing these legacy products will enable us to better focus on our core competencies. This also allows us to continue to introduce innovative new products to meet the demands of collaborative work and learning.

The past few years have brought us unprecedented times. We have faced a perfect storm of the global pandemic, escalating material costs and supply chain disruptions. These factors combined with shifting markets have merely accelerated the way we work and operate in business and educational campuses. All the new products that we have introduced in recent years are the result of these market transformations.

If you have any Vision and Vitality projects or quotes in progress with a client, please contact your HPFi Customer Service Representative. If you have additional questions regarding the discontinuation of these product lines, please contact our sales and service teams or your local sales representative. You can reach the HPFi offices by telephone at (800) 447-3462 or by email at Click here for full press release…

HPFi® Updates NOW Fabric Options brochure

HPFi® (High Point Furniture Industries) is just completed the latest edition of the NOW Fabric Options brochure. Highlights of this edition include:

  • Digital First Design – The online copy is an interactive PDF with multiple links to view additional colors (where available), specifications and order samples
  • New Patterns – 25 of the 75 patterns appear in this catalog for the first time
  • Dynamic/textured large images – Most patterns feature a larger reference image more revealing of the fabric’s texture
  • Seam Slippage/Strength – This specification applies only to the fabrics’ use on the front/steps for Flex Tiered fully upholstered models
  • A New cover – it is unmistakably different (coordinates with the September 2022 Price Book cover) and will not be confused with the older editions

“While the NOW program is currently suspended, this new brochure is still a great resource in selecting fabrics for HPFi furnishings” said Doug Gaines, Vice President of Sales for HPFi. “The NOW Fabric Options brochure is a great tool to assist in the effort of material selections for both designers and sales professionals.” Click here to download brochure…

HPFi® Publishes September 2022 Pricing

HPFi (High Point Furniture Industries) will institute a 6% price increase effective September 1, 2022. As we approach the second half of 2022 (our 65th year of continuous operations!), our industry continues to face challenging, ongoing cost increases. Click here for full letter…

HPFi® Updates Fabric Lists

HPFi (High Point Furniture Industries) has recently added Anzea as a fabric partner. Links to their HPFi grade-in list and the Anzea landing page for HPFi can be found on our Fabric page.

Additionally, we have just posted an up-to-date grade-in list for all fabrics available from Douglass Fabrics. The Douglass list, as well as grade-in lists for all HPFi fabric partners can also be found on the Fabric page.

HPFi® Suspends NOW Accelerated Response Program

HPFi (High Point Furniture Industries) HPFi (High Point Furniture Industries) is temporarily suspending the NOW Accelerated Response program effective with new orders placed beginning December 15, 2021. Our marketplace continues to be challenged by the effects of the global pandemic. HPFi manufactures our products in High Point, NC using nearby business partners to source the majority of our materials. However, numerous raw materials are subject to the issues of the global supply chain. Click here for full press release…

HPFi® Healthy Workplaces Brochure Updated

HPFi (High Point Furniture Industries) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Healthy Workplaces brochure highlighting HPFi products that provide for a safer return to the workplace. Click here for full press release…


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