Second Life


HPFi® (High Point Furniture Industries) offers the Second Life program providing a solution for disposal of unwanted casegoods and seating (when no other avenue is available) while preserving our environment.

HPFi works with local charitable and non-profit organizations to help your furniture find a Second Life. Those organizations are helped in furthering their purpose with needed furniture that may otherwise be unattainable. Additionally, you may benefit with a tax advantage for the donation at fair market value. In that case, we recommend that you consult your tax advisor.

Your furniture also may have the option for our Second Life program with the leasing company by receiving the furniture at the end of the lease. Be sure to first reference your lease agreement for available options.

HPFi has also researched various means of disposal for each of the raw materials used within the various product lines. A detailed chart was developed listing the materials, example of where the material was commonly used in the products and the re-use or recycling option for that material. Our furniture can be broken down or disassembled and taken to local recycling centers or returned to HPFi for processing.

Contact HPFi for assistance in exercising your options with our Second Life Program. This socially responsible program keeps product out of landfills, assists important charitable groups accomplish goals, relieves you of additional liability and may present a tax benefit for your corporation.